Monday, October 22, 2012

The first workout

My first workout was last night at about 9pm. Sundays are overall a pretty laid back day. We start most Sundays with Church and CCD(for my 9 year old) at 10am. Usually followed by lunch with my Dad's family and then later in the evening "Family Night" with the in-laws.

My workout begin with some light stretching, which is something I rarely do, that was encouraged by my 9 year old. Followed by a mile jog. Now, maybe that should have been a sufficient workout for my first workout after having my baby but I like to FEEL like I did a workout, so it continued. Next was a 8 minute "Ultimate Glutes" workout that was provided by TimeWarner Cable's Sportskool on Demand. Finally, the workout ended after I completed another workout on Sportskool called "Step Surge Abs". All in all the workout felt great!

  Unless it is in a fun workout video, cardio is not something I like doing. However, I have found that for me jogging is the best way to lose inches. So, I sucked it up and did that one mile at a 12 minute mile pace.

 I enjoyed this workout. I really like the convenience of the workout, 8 minutes long! How can you beat that? Plus, all you need is yourself and maybe a mat if your on a hard surface. Good, quick workout & you feel the burn... at least I did.

This too was a convenient workout (only 6 mins) and also challenging. This workout focused on strengthening the transverse abdominal muscles, which are the muscles I need to strengthen to get rid of that  lower tummy pouch that I gained from the pregnancy. Ab workouts are pretty tough to do after having a baby but this video does have modified moves to allow you to choose the intensity.

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