Friday, October 26, 2012

Workouts of the Week


Monday's workout was easy to get done. Mondays are a little busy... Work, family night with my grandparents and then my 9 year old has soccer practice. Luckily soccer practice is 2 hours long so I jogged 1 and half miles at a 10 min. mile pace while my husband walked with the baby. 

The jog was half a mile longer than my previous workout and two minutes faster! It was tough, there was hard wind and my legs felt SUPER heavy by the time I got to the last half mile. I continued to walk with my husband and newborn after my jog. Which made the total jog/walk 28 mins. 

Tuesdays are a little more hectic... probably the most hectic of the week. Work, pick-up my girls, drop them off, school til 7 and then attended a meeting at church for my 9 year old who will be getting her sacraments this year. After all that chaos we had to stop by the store before heading home to buy some karo syrup for my newborn (she had been constipated and fussy because of it). Finally, got home to get girls ready for bed and then did some school work...straightened up the house then was too sleepy to do a workout :( In my defense I still have a newborn who does not sleep through the night. 

Wednesdays workout made me feel good! After a long day of work and yet another family night (this one with my Dad's side of the family) we got home and I was able to relax and watch Modern Family, then got to workout. KICKBOXING CARDIO: I really enjoyed this workout. This can be added to the list of workouts that I get from Sportskool on Demand. This cardio based kickboxing kept me moving throughout the workout and provided a fun workout. It gets your legs and core working and boy do you feel it. So far... my favorite workout by far! 

Thursday I decided to try another kickboxing workout from sportskool on demand. This one titled Kickboxing combat. This workout required a weighted bar... I used a broom stick. It was an interesting workout, not much cardio but focused on shoulders, a little bit on legs and core. 

Now here we are... Friday. Work and soccer practice

Monday, October 22, 2012

The first workout

My first workout was last night at about 9pm. Sundays are overall a pretty laid back day. We start most Sundays with Church and CCD(for my 9 year old) at 10am. Usually followed by lunch with my Dad's family and then later in the evening "Family Night" with the in-laws.

My workout begin with some light stretching, which is something I rarely do, that was encouraged by my 9 year old. Followed by a mile jog. Now, maybe that should have been a sufficient workout for my first workout after having my baby but I like to FEEL like I did a workout, so it continued. Next was a 8 minute "Ultimate Glutes" workout that was provided by TimeWarner Cable's Sportskool on Demand. Finally, the workout ended after I completed another workout on Sportskool called "Step Surge Abs". All in all the workout felt great!

  Unless it is in a fun workout video, cardio is not something I like doing. However, I have found that for me jogging is the best way to lose inches. So, I sucked it up and did that one mile at a 12 minute mile pace.

 I enjoyed this workout. I really like the convenience of the workout, 8 minutes long! How can you beat that? Plus, all you need is yourself and maybe a mat if your on a hard surface. Good, quick workout & you feel the burn... at least I did.

This too was a convenient workout (only 6 mins) and also challenging. This workout focused on strengthening the transverse abdominal muscles, which are the muscles I need to strengthen to get rid of that  lower tummy pouch that I gained from the pregnancy. Ab workouts are pretty tough to do after having a baby but this video does have modified moves to allow you to choose the intensity.

A little about me.

I am 25 years old currently working on my masters degree which is going to begin to consume most of my time at home now that I have returned to work. I am a mother of two beautiful girls, a 9 year old and a 5 week old. With my first baby girl, losing weight was not too much of a problem, I only gained about 20 pounds throughout the pregnancy plus I had more free time. This pregnancy I gained about 40 pounds and I am determined to get into shape and lose the baby pounds.